Combatting Crawl Bloat & Pruning Your Content Effectively

crawl bloat and pruning

On April 7th, I was delighted to make my BrightonSEO debut as I presented my thoughts on combatting crawl bloat and pruning content effectively. 

You can view the slides below and also read some of the other highlights of the Spring 2017 edition of BrightonSEO by reading this excellent summary from the team at LinkResearchTools.

whitworthseo brightonseo


As anyone who follows me on Twitter will know, refinement of crawl bloat has always been something I have been keen to champion and I was pleased to see BrightonSEO and Christophe Cemper pick up on some of my key themes.
charlie cemper
In fact, the talk has sparked quite a bit of discussion in the industry and the guys at CognitiveSEO have dug bit deeper. A recent article at their site references the results achieved by professionals such as myself and Patrick Coombe and really emphasises the positive impact that pruning your content can have on your organic visibility.
content pruning - charlie whitworth

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