Hybrid SEO

hybrid seo

Technical SEO, Content Marketing & Digital PR

As an experienced digital marketing expert with a decade of technical SEO and content marketing experience, my approach has inevitably changed a great deal over the years. Having negotiated the majority of Google’s major algorithm updates and countless changes and enhancements to the webmaster guidelines, I have developed a principle of what I now refer to as Hybrid SEO and this how I approach the majority of my search campaigns.

Despite considering myself to be an experienced and versatile SEO all-rounder, my particular areas of expertise are clean and tidy web migrations and effective cross-department liaison. This collaboration has been a huge aspect of my career to date, encouraging and facilitating the harmonious relationship between tech SEO, content marketing and web development.

Gone are the days of technical SEO’s sitting in the corner implementing advanced techniques, for websites to perform organically there needs to be strong collaboration across the wider organic search department and indeed, the rest of any full-service digital marketing agency. From UX and CRO to front and back end development and even client services, the hybrid approach is the only one that can ensure perfect web builds, with the essential SEO considerations “baked in”.

This provides the perfect platform from which to start an SEO campaign that is going to deliver results in the RankBrain and Hummingbird era in which we now operate.

Deep & Intricate SEO Auditing

In addition to this, I have developed a trusted, intricate auditing process that identifies short, medium and long term priorities for my organic search strategies. Although this has inevitably been altered since mobile-first, my mix of classic disciplines such as keyword research and server log analysis and also improving UX using tools such as Lighthouse are still the bedrocks of any successful SEO campaign.

Detailed Reporting & Competitor Analysis

Reporting and attribution are also aspects of SEO that are particularly close to my heart. Effectively reporting organic traffic and ensuring it is being properly attributed is so often overlooked, leading many to understate their results. Detailed competitor analysis should also be a big part of this reporting in addition to monitoring your own efforts.

These are the principles that have led me to the current stage of my career but things, of course, change rapidly in this sector and the future of SEO looks very exciting indeed. Google’s new dynamic user agent, machine learning and AI continue to change and enhance the way users get their information from the search engines and as SEOs, the onus is on us to be at the forefront of this.