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organic search campaigns

Tech seo audits

Advanced technical SEO auditing using sophisticated crawling software and a manual process that has been refined for a decade

seo training

Whether it is Technical SEO, Content Marketing, Digital PR or any other organic discipline, I can help should you have any training needs

SEO Speaking

I am available to speak at your SEO or Search Marketing event, having spoken at a range of conferences across the UK

Penalty Recovery

If you believe that your website has been adversely impacted by any of Google's algorithm updates, get in touch for expert advice

SEO migrations

If your website is being replatformed, redesigned or migrated, get in touch in order to ensure you do not lose any SEO visibility

Organic Strategy

There is no one size fits all approach to organic success. Contact me to find out how you should be planning your attack on Google's organic SERPs

over a decade of seo experience

I have worked at several reputable agencies in the North West over the years, and built a stellar reputation for intricate and strategic SEO auditing. In my current role as Head of SEO at BBI, I am enjoying working for a range of household brands at a content led, integrated agency in the heart of Manchester.

seo audits

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Areas Of Specialism

Crawl & Index Bloat Refinement

Managing how the various search engines are crawling your website and indexing the correct URLs is crucial to organic success. Having spoken about this at various conferences and implemented this for a range of household names, utilising this knowledge could be a game changer for your brand.

Versatile Organic Search Strategies

Although Technical SEO is at the core of my strategies, organic growth often requires more. My Hybrid SEO campaigns involve the pragmatic use of content marketing, SEO and Digital PR. There is no one size fits all approach to this however, so it will all depend on the results of your first audit.

Intricate & Transparent Reporting

Auditing is just the start of any technical SEO campaign. Reporting intricately and remaining accountable for organic non-brand traffic is essential and therefore at the core of any campaign with WhitworthSEO; from Google Data Studio dashboards to in-depth attribution modelling.

Detailed Technical SEO Documentation

When investing in advanced Technical SEO; results & ROI are of course paramount. Audits, strategies and recommendation documents are, however, also crucial. The SEO documentation you receive from WhitworthSEO will be the most detailed you can find and all comes fully actionable.