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Experienced Global SEO Speaker

In addition to delivering first class organic search campaigns and SEO training courses, I am also a keen SEO speaker. Whether this be on main stage at a marketing conference, or online via podcasts or webinars, I can be found chatting about the latest SEO trends and developments.

I've delivered SEO talks at some of the biggest global search events such as BrightonSEO, SEOday, SAScon and Barbados SEO and also great local events such as Digital Bites, Tech & Talk  and SEO Xclusive.

Topics i've covered include refining crawl bloat, the Fred Update and the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, working in fast fashion and my current favourite, keyword cannibalisation.

If you are in the need of some SEO insight for your digital marketing event, then don't hesitate to get in touch.

SEO Conference Topics

Topics I have covered at SEO events to date include:

  • Utilising the DOM & The Data Layer to Implement Technical SEO
  • Refining Crawl & Index Bloat & Managing Your Crawl Budget
  • SEO & Web Developer Liaison
  • The Fred Update and Google's Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines
  • SEO, UX & CRO Collaboration
  • Tackling Keyword Cannibalisation for SEO Success
  • Building the Perfect SEO Roadmap
  • SEO Leadership & Mentorship

⬇️ Watch Or Read Some of My Previous SEO Talks ⬇️

Scroll below to see a selection of my in person SEO talks at events across the world, as well as podcasts, interviews and webinars.

If you have any questions regarding the themes I cover, then don't hesitate to get int ouch via the website or socials.

Tackling Keyword Cannibalisation & Dominating The SERPs at BrightonSEO

The current pièce de résistance. My latest gig as an SEO speaker at BrightonSEO about combatting keyword cannibalisation and dominating the SERPs.

Still not quite on the main stage, but my 3rd appearance at my trusty Auditorium 2.

But a very well received talk about:

  • Keyword Research in 2023/4
  • How to Cluster Keywords Using AI and Based on Search Intent
  • How To Fix Keyword Cannibalisation
  • People First Content & Recent Core Updates
  • How To Stop PDP and PLP From Competing
  • How To Leverage The Reviews System for SEO Success
  • A Case Study for a (Back)Linkless SEO Campaign

How To Measure The Impact & ROI of Organic Search with SimilarWeb

An interview with David Bain and SimilarWeb about how you can truly report on the ROI from technical SEO, content marketing, keyword optimisation and Digital PR.

A follow up given the success of my keyword cannibalisation talk at BrightonSEO, with Majestic SEO.

Here, David Bain and I dig deeper into how you can eliminate keyword cannibalisation for SEO success and in the process, take advantage of Google's Reviews System and Product Review Updates.

How To Build a Successful SEO Team with SEO for Hire

Loved this one with the SEO For Hire guys, chatting about how to best build a successful SEO team given the challenges of online training, hybrid working, imposter syndrome and a range of other nuances.

Well worth checking out if you're currently building an SEO team at an agency or in house.

A Guide to Organic Keyword Cannibalisation for 2024 at SEOday

A new and improved version of my BrightonSEO talk for SEOday in Kolding, Denmark.

My first appearance as an SEO speaker on the main stage at a major conference, and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

I was in great company with the likes of Andy Chadwick, Isa Lavahun and Jono Alderson at a conference with a great atmosphere and setting.

Working In Fast Fashion SEO During a Takeover - Missguided Case Study

This was my first international SEO speaker gig, and I was surrounded by many SEOs who I'd looked up to since i was a budding tech SEO.

Mike King, Martin McDonald, Stacey MacNaught, Heather Physioc, Jenny Halasz, Judith Lewis, Barry Adams et al - and the turtles. Just wow...

Submission already sorted for 2024 🤞🏼

AI & SEO - The Opportunities & Pitfalls at Tech & Talk (from Create8)

Fairly early in the AI/SEO debate, but a really great evening from the Create8 guys.

A presentation was about how I had utilised AI to date for SEO, as well as the pitfalls I'd experienced both algorithmically and in terms of quality.

Definitely not my last gig as an SEO Speaker about AI, but very early in the conversation with ChatGPT a recent development and GPT-4 yet to roll out at that point.

Diary of an SEO: 2023 Interview with SEO For Hire

An interview with Craig and Josh at SEO For Hire, not long after my appointment as Head of SEO at Missguided.

This was a general chat about my 11+ experience as an SEO at that point, training, team building, link acquisition and how the algo has changed since 2010.

Google's Fred Update & The Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines at SAScon

It's actually pretty cool how much of the SEO principles I chat about in this SEO talk are still relevant.

From experience, engagement and trust, to link metrics and intrusive advertising, many of these ranking factors have gone on to form crucial aspects of Core, Helpful Content, SPAM and Product Review Updates.

This was largely about Google's Fred Update, and the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines which were fairly new at that point, back in 2017.

Interview at BrightonSEO about Tech SEO & Training with OnCrawl

A short and sweet in person SEO interview with OnCrawl at BrightonSEO about technical SEO governance and team building

Combatting Crawl Bloat & Pruning Your Content Effectively at BrightonSEO (April 2017)

And last but definitely not least, my very first BrightonSEO talk and probably my most respected. Again, many of these tactics still lend themselves to what is currently rewarded by the algorithm.

So not much has changed, apart from my hairline 😂

How To Build Your Career In SEO: Missing Link LIVE with JBH

In this panel with Josh Peacock, Andrew Holland and JP Garbaccio, we discussed SEO leadership, AI, SEO terminology and of course, the fact that SEO is nowhere near dead

whitworth seo at missing link live

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