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With over 12 years of SEO experience under my belt, delivering ROI in a vast range of sectors, Whitworth SEO is perfectly placed to deliver your SEO strategy. Based in Manchester, UK but serving clients across the globe, providing authentic professional SEO consultancy you can trust is at the heart of our ethos.

As an SEO who entered the industry as a budding writer, quickly fell into content marketing and digital PR but has spent the last 6 years developing as an advanced technical SEO, I have every based when it comes to driving your brand’s organic visibility.

I was lucky enough to begin my SEO career in what is deemed by many to be the golden age for the industry. No link spam or page experience updates to worry about, nor any consideration for mobile friendliness or Core Web Vitals; it was almost a case of build it and they will come. Whack up a WordPress theme, buy some link packages and you were away, but whilst that was fun, this got boring pretty quickly.

Navigating Google’s Algorithms

Thankfully, in the decade that has since passed, we have had Penguins, Pandas, Hummingbirds, Freds and many more, as Google’s cute sounding but very necessary updates looked to clean up the organic results. All of this with the aim of ensuring that only the best brands are returned when a user makes a search.

Whilst the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are still far from perfect, Google’s updates are certainly working and have made SEO far more interesting, technical, creative and ultimately, more difficult. That is where experienced SEO consultants such as myself can offer crucial guidance for brands looking to beat their competition in Google's search results.

Thankfully, I’ve had to navigate pretty much every significant change to Google’s algorithm since they started their major updates and this has given me priceless experience with which to build your SEO campaign and strategy.

Whether it’s a deep technical SEO audit, some advice on the best way to improve your domain authority or assistance with getting your recommendations implemented, there aren’t many SEO consultants out there that can lean on such a wealth of experience as Whitworth SEO.

SEO Products & Services

In addition to the priceless SEO consultancy I can provide, my experience as an SEO copywriter, content marketer, link builder and SEO strategist is such that I can also assist with the more day to day aspects of your campaign.

If you need to freshen up your landing pages, assess your website’s structure, take a look at internal linking or the efficiency of your structured data, then Whitworth SEO will have an out of the box solution.

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Return on SEO Investment

The bedrock of the Whitworth SEO ethos, is return on investment. Having spent the majority of my career working for agencies, I know the value they can add but my SEO consultancy model means there is no budget wasted on fluff such as account management or client services.

Simply first class consultancy, the required output and assistance with implementation so we can start enjoying results as quickly as possible.

All of this culminates in a great ROI from your SEO investment and a partnership that will be enjoyed long into the future.

seo consultant manchester

Trusted SEO Process

I'm not going to publish my tried and tested SEO process and the Whitworth SEO special sauce online, but you can get in touch any time for a no-obligation, informal chat about your SEO challenges.

However you can trust that all the fundamental SEO foundations are covered. From the initial research phase and competitor analysis to ensuring your website’s markup is technically advanced from an SEO perspective and of course, link acquisition.

This is all complemented nicely with a monthly report and a call or meeting in a format that suits you, to chat about performance and what’s next.

Once we are happy that your SEO strategy is gathering momentum, technical SEO is in a good place and authority is increasing nicely, the time may then come to switch to my in-house or online SEO training sessions so you can empower your team to maintain performance.

Every website, sector and vertical is different; which makes the bespoke and customisable nature of an SEO campaign with Whitworth SEO the prudent choice for your business.

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Key SEO Services

  • SEO Research Phase (Keyword research, keyword mapping, competitor analysis and SEO forecasting)
  • SEO Content Strategy (to complement your creative content strategies and ensure your site is optimised for your key terms and queries)
  • Technical SEO Strategy (Deep auditing, technical SEO recommendations, developer liaison, CMS implementation and gauging of impact and performance)
  • Natural Link Acquisition (Building of website authority in a safe and natural (white hat) way depending on your industry and competition)
  • Comprehensive SEO Reporting (Transparent and clear reporting, with KPI’s and commentary without jargon followed up with a meeting)

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